In spring 2006, Rado presented the planet with not merely one but two absolute firsts within the global watch industry by unveiling satin-brushed and decorated high-tech ceramics. Simultaneously Rado reinforces its undisputed pole position within the worldwide watch market with regards to knowledge of creating timeless and exclusive high-tech materials. Rado True replica is the specific new collection that reflects Rado’s philosophy: clean lines, remarkable high-tech materials and distinctive design. Rado True replica is a watch line that's unique but multifaceted, including four design variations: Elegance, Fashion, Active and Deco. This contemporary timepiece enables you to definitely remain in keeping with yourself.


Just like a true and finish reflection of the personality, the brand new type of watches Rado True replica springs in the philosophy behind the company. It represents quintessentially pure and avant-garde design in perfect harmony with innovative material technology. It's the epitome of cutting-edge technology coupled with a fantastic shape making from perfect high-tech ceramics. In developing Rado True replica , Rado has triumphed in developing we've got the technology to produce two new dimensions in using high-tech ceramics: the satin-brushed and also the decorated high-tech ceramics - both of them are world-firsts.


The very first time ever, Rado has been successful in developing satin-brushed, matt high-tech ceramics for that watch making industry. Another technological achievement is decorative high-tech ceramics, also launched by Rado Repica. Years of research, experiments and trials were finally topped having a fantastic innovative result, namely two-tone high-tech ceramics, which, from decorative patterns and sketches, generate their particular special dynamism! The options this innovative development has introduced are endless. Nowadays there are forget about limitations, no limits to restrain the creative spirit. Both of these new approaches for surface management of high-tech ceramics are utilized the very first time within the Rado True replica.